Strawberry Couture

Hello. Everything you see handmade in this blog is handmade by me. Moreover, I like to post other blogger's work here to share the enthusiasm. I love to create things no other has created before!!! When you can't move out, move up. What does that mean? It means, adding additional textured layers on a garment. One example is where others stop, I begin. I may add yarn squiggles or flowers on a hat or what not. I hope you enjoy your stay here. May your visit here be festive all year round. I want to show you little by little all the things I am capable of making!!! You may visit my shop on Etsy. What is your color season? Visit my Facebook Page. I want to reach the European market. There is just so much I want to do little by little!!! Just you wait and see, but for now enjoy the fun I, my friend, and my niece had when we made this video!

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