Monday, March 31, 2014

Etsy Customer Appreciation Photo: Yvonne Has Done It Again. This Time She Takes It To The Next Level with her Own Spawned Twisted Turtleneck Poncho Inspired from the SAMANTHA Crochet Turban Beanie Hat

This Etsy customer appreciation photo goes to Yvonne who has done it again. This time she takes it to the next level with her own spawned twisted turtleneck poncho inspired from the SAMANTHA crochet turban beanie hat pattern. She came up with her own idea with the twist for a poncho. Here is what she said: 

I came up with the idea not to close the top of the hat and just continue to alternate rows of FP-Ex-SC and BP- Ex- SC, with one more row of increases to widen the shoulders section, and follow that increase row with another repetition of FP and BP-Ex-SC rows.

I have not finished it off yet, because I can't decide if I want to make it longer by adding more rows, or if I want to add some crocheted fringes, or if I want to continue to make it longer, perhaps into a poncho. I just don't know. But in the meantime, I wanted you to see my progress so far.

Cowl? Collar? Omg that is worth writing a pattern!!! It looks like a wrap with a twisted turtleneck.

What do you know, I did write the the pattern, more or less, as I went along. So that if I liked it when I was done, I wouldn't have to figure it all out again.

TURTLENECK! That is the idea, because it is all one piece. So whatever I decide to name it, TURTLENECK, will be included in it.

I wear a lot of Turtlenecks myself, because unlike the younger generation, I can't stand to have my chest hanging out, and being cold. Maybe that is what I saw when I first came up with the idea for this, I just didn't realize it at the time!  

Etsy Customer Appreciation Photo: Yvonne Crochets and Compares the SAMANTHA and CAROLYN Hats

The CAROLYN Crochet Beanie Hat (left) The SAMANTHA Turban Hat (right)
The CAROLYN Hat(left) The SAMANTHA Hat(right)
This Etsy customer appreciation photo goes to Yvonne who contacted me a few days ago with her latest progress about the CAROLYN hat. She compared it with the SAMANTHA hat. Both look identical but one starts with more chain rows than the other. The CAROLYN hat has more chain rows allowing more ease for the hat to slouch more than the SAMANTHA with a difference of 17 starting chains. Here is what she had to say

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