Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Etsy Customer Appreciation Photo: The LAUREN Cloche Hat - Meet Angie Saunders One of my Eager Etsy Customers/Students who Participated in my Google Hangout Accidentally Makes Her Own Creation

Angie Saunders Crochets Her Own Creation of the LAUREN Cloche Hat
Her Own Creation
This Etsy customer appreciation photo goes to Angie Saunders one of my eager Etsy customers/students who participated in my google hangout a few weeks ago. She learns how to crochet the famous LAUREN hat.

She showed me her progress. Her first attempt was very twisty. Her many attempts led to a unique creation that surprised me. I actually liked it. She accidentally created her own twisty asymmetrical unique turban. Will she remember how to make this piece? Who knows? Let's find out.

Angie Saunders work in progress
Her Progress in Work

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