Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bullion Stitch: New Challenge for the New Royal Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern - Understanding the Chain Wrap Bullion Stitch

Now I released my new ROYAL crochet beanie hat pattern, you need to understand that the body is the same as the LAUREN cloche hat but has a longer and more decorative brim than the JUDY beanie hat. A new stitch to learn is the chain wrap or bullion stitch around a crochet chain. This is not a new stitch. I saw it in a vintage crochet tutorial book. There probably is a name for it. I don't remember the name of the book so I will have to give it a name: the chain wrap stitch. It looks like braids adorning the mobius twist.

Before you purchase and crochet the hat, I need to give you a head start and show you how to crochet it. With your size K(6.50mm) crochet hook, ch 3; hdc 1 around the top end of the chain (around the chain); sc 5 on the way down (around the chain); the 5th sc is the lowest end on the chain. It's easier to start from a base of a crocheted garment. 

Like the asymmetrical hats in my shop, the unique brim dominates the shape and name of the hat. I'll make more shapes of hats like this with more different brims in the future. I also want to draft new crochet scarf patterns influenced by the hat name ones: for the CLAIRISSE hat there is the CLAIRISSE inspired Infinity scarf. There is more than one way to make the asymmetrical brim with it's unique form.

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