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Etsy Customer Appreciation Photo: Doesn't she look lovely? Lahoma Wears Her New Crochet FRONTIER Hat in Navy Blue.

Lahoma wears the Crochet FRONTIER Hat in Navy Blue by Strawberry Couture on Etsy
Lahoma wears the Crochet FRONTIER Wide Brim Hat in Navy Blue
English: Photo of the US Navy Blue Angels Fat ...
English: Photo of the US Navy Blue Angels Fat Albert (C-130T Hercules) during the Air Show at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Français : Fat Albert, un (C-130T Hercules) des Blue Angels, vole durant un show aérien donné à l'aérodrome de la Navy à Jacksonville, en Floride (États Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This Etsy customer appreciation photo belongs to Lahoma, who is confined to a wheelchair, wears her new crochet FRONTIER hat in Navy Blue. Doesn't she look lovely? She is one of the few elderly ladies we know. She, 76 and her husband Richard, 77 attend our church. Occasionally we visit them at their small terra cotta orange hacienda-style house. He told us old stories that happened long before our time. They recited one where an old neighbor of theirs was a Navy pilot who was stationed at the Flour Bluff Naval Air Station 5 miles from their home. When he flew on air missions, he passed his backyard when his wife was hanging their clothes on the clothes line. He flew low so he could her her if he was coming home for dinner or not. Too many neighbors complained so he could not do that anymore. While Richard told the story, I got a mental picture of a twilight medium blue sky with pink and orange clouds hanging in the sunset.

I showed her my Etsy shop on my smartphone. She took it out of my hand when the picture changed in the screen. She apologized that she was not technically inclined. She looked at my shop and pointed at the FRONTIER Wide Brim hat in orange. She discreetly slipped me a $50 bill and asked me to make one in either black or navy. She wore a navy blue dress seated in her wheelchair. Immediately afterwards, my husband and I headed to the Hobby Lobby store. I chose navy blue because it matched her dress.

English: I took this picture of Bob Barker at ...
English: I took this picture of Bob Barker
 at WWE live. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Often times people said they would buy from my shop but I wouldn't believe them. I felt they were only trying to make me feel better. Their words just came in one ear and out the other and I replied okay, but this time was different. I was shocked. I wasn't expecting her to actually pay me for one. Wow, I thought. Immediately afterwards we drove to Hobby Lobby craft store and bought acrylic yarn with the brand name I Love This Yarn. I chose Navy to match her dress.

 Ordinarily, Lahoma barely leaves their home. Someone always has to stay at home with her because she might have a stroke at any time. She was recently treated for a stroke once before.
Audie Murphy, highly decorated 3rd Infantry Di...
Audie Murphy, highly decorated
3rd Infantry Division officer who
was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism during the fighting in the
 Bois de Riedwihr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her husband on Richard has a short and thin frame similar to Audie Murphy. His voice sounds like Bob Barker on the Price Is Right. When he preaches he has an authoritative yet gentle voice. You could never feel intimidated by him. I met his oldest daughter one time at the door because it was her turn to care for the mother while the father attended church. 

I made the hat and brought it to her house. I was worried that the hat might not fit. While making the hat, I changed the structure of the from the crochet pattern I wrote. I rearranged it so it would fit her 21 1/2 inch circumference head with a low crown. She eagerly took the hat out of my hands and put it on. It fit perfectly! She noticed the Mobius twist. She looked at it at the twist and noticed she can wear it in many styles. Perhaps she is one of the few who can finally understand the Mobius stripI've often wondered if people would finally understand the concept of it. Well at least they did.

Crafts To Do At Home Lead to Rewarding Lives

I like the way how one thing leads to another when crafts to do at home unites people. Friendships form. Our craft becomes who we are once we become known for it.  Without it there is no introduction. It's not about the money. It's the escape we create. It takes our mind off of our problems and feels like we accomplished something. Making a difference in people's lives is the most rewarding experience. People need us for a positive change. It makes you feel worthy of something...worthy enough to live our lives that benefits others in a way we never thought possible.

Steampunk Culture: Should I write about the Steampunk culture now? For the longest time I've emphasized in the 1920s movement early in my Etsy career including lots of research and search engine optimization to find a bigger market.

Cover of "Wild Wild West"
Cover of Wild Wild West
Should I write about the Steampunk culture now? For the longest time I've emphasized in the 1920's movement early in my Etsy career including lots of research and search engine optimization to find a bigger market. However,  I noticed steampunk words appear. I check my Etsy stats everyday many times a day. The words Steampunk hat appear. Is this telling me something I'm thinking? Does my shop fit the steam punk mold? Let's observe.

Steam punk is a subculture for Victorian science fiction. Imagine the future from that era. Notice there were tiny gadgets and steamship machines in that era. The movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith resembles that  era. With today's technology and tech themed movies, those gadgets look obsolete. However, those old time steam punk gadgets still find their place in fashion. I notice little wheel shape trinkets look like they belong inside a clock. Find a massive array of "clock" arrangements on hats, sleeves on a shirt, shoes, you name it.
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