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Etsy Customer Appreciation Photo Update About Yvonne's Progress As She Purchased and Completed the CYNTHIA Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern

The Crochet LAUREN Cloche and CYNTHIA Beanie Hat with the SNAKE Infinity Scarf made by Yvonne

The Crochet LAUREN Cloche and CYNTHIA Beanie Hat with the 

SNAKE Infinity Scarf  made by Yvonne

This Etsy customer appreciation photo goes to Yvonne, my Etsy customer, has come a long way since she graduated from the LAUREN Crochet Cloche Hat and SNAKE Infinity Scarf Pattern to the CYNTHIA Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern. She has been contacting me almost everyday about her progress. She tells me about her challenges and triumphs the same way she describes it:

March 9, 2014Just a quick NOTE to let you know my progress on the CYNTHIA hat. 

This is not a complicated hat to make, once you get the basic hang of it, but leave it up to me to make it more complicated than it had to be. 

I spent several hours yesterday trying to close the top. My challenge was the increase row. I was reading the pattern wrong, and I think I was trying to do that row like I had done the increase row for the SNAKE scarf. So I went back and watched the video for the LAUREN hat and followed along. It was very helpful! Otherwise, I might still be going around those same 43 stitches! 

I did not despair however, I knew I would get it right sooner or later, or die trying! 

I kind of feel like Thomas Edison must have felt when he invented the light bulb, I now know 1000 things that do not work. I am very confident that once I finish all 5 versions of the LAUREN pattern there will be no stopping me. Now that I am on track, I will begin again today to finish it. 

Oops! This was supposed to be a NOTE! So I will stop and get busy. The minute I have completed the hat I will send you photos, (hot off the press)!

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
March 10, 2014It's me again! 

I just got a big surprise! I just finished the CYNTHIA hat with the ruffle and no flower. 

When I went to the mirror to try it on, the ruffle is on MY Right side Not my Left. So I tried the other one on that I had done previously and the flower was on MY Left and the scalloped edge was on MY Right. 

When I lay it down flat, and look at the photo, and the one I just completed, side by side, it looks like it is going the same direction, and on the same side, as the ones in your photos. But in the mirror it is reversed. Is it me or just the mirror imagine is reversed? I am confused! 

I will have to ask someone to take a look at the photo and at me with the hat on and see if they think the Right and Left side are reversed. If I put my hand on LEFT side of my head where the flower is, and run my hand from Left to Right around the back and to the Right side, where the ruffles are, they are on the Right side of MY head. The photos appear to be the same, LEFT side Flower, and RIGHT side ruffle and scalloped edges. Even on the mannequins head they look like they are the same as the photos. I think they are, but the mirror has me confused. Am I losing my mind? Are you confused now too?

Maybe it is so simple as, once I actually tried it on, my preference might have been just the opposite, or feel more comfortable with, the flower and ruffles being on the opposite side of my head. It didn't feel quite "right" on the other side. So maybe I will do one going the opposite direction and see which one feels more ME! Now I know you may think I am "a little off my rocker", but this is all so new and so much fun, that I can't help myself.

Originally I wrote this at 4:30 am, and I was tired, so I saved it until I got up, so I could send photos. At the time, I just didn't have another once of strength to figure out how to do it. So here are the photos. (I just got up at about 4:00 pm.) And yes, feel free to use them if you wish.

The LAUREN HAT is made with DOUBLE strands. So it is much heavier, and I haven't really attached the flower yet, it is simply pined on for now.

The CYNTHIA HAT is made with one strand.

Both are made with same "Yarn Bee - Fetching" yarn from Hobby Lobby.

I will be ordering the next pattern some time this evening, so we shall see which one that is. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

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