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Notice All the Hats are the Same with Different Edge Styles EXPLAINED with Pictures

Notice all the hats look the same same but have different brim edges. That's because the style of the hat is so universal. The style is simple yet complex. I published different crochet patterns because you might choose to work on one style but not on the other.

If you prefer ruffles, choose the CYNTHIA hat
CYNTHIA Crochet Beanie Hat with Ruffles
CYNTHIA Beanie Hat

If you're an extra brim kinda gal choose the JUDY hat.
JUDY Crochet Beanie Hat with Extra Wide Brim
JUDY Beanie Hat

Do you like Picots? Choose the LISA hat.
LISA Crochet Beanie Hat with Picots
LISA Beanie Hat

Do you like plain asymmetrical brims? Choose the OMBRETTA hat
OMBRETTA Crochet Beanie Hat with Plain Brim

Do you like zigzags? Do you like picots? Choose the LAUREN hat.
LAUREN Crochet Beanie Hat with Zigzag Brim
LAUREN Beanie Hat

Make a hat look feminine by adding a flower like the LAUREN cloche hat that matches the same edge as the hat brim. Lots of times the mobius twist hat or infinity hat gets mistaken for a side parted hairstyle.
LAUREN Crochet Cloche Hat with Zigzag Brim and Matching Zigzag Edge Flower
LAUREN Cloche Hat

English: Mobius Strip 2
English: Mobius Strip 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To better understand the twisted hat you must understand the infinity scarf. Begin with the Mobius strip

 The Infinity hats go to the next level by joining at the twist as indicated in the picture. Those of you have not tried this pattern consider this as a new challenge for you.

Join the twists before closing them
Join the Twists
Close the twists after closing them to prepare to make the top of the hat
Close the Twists

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