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Elderly Women - It Hurts Me When...But I Want To...

English: Combination of two brain diagrams in ...
English: Combination of two brain diagrams in one for comparison. In the left normal brain, in the right brain of a person with Alzheimer's disease. Diagram of the brain of a person with Alzheimer's Disease. Diagram of a normal brain. Español: Esquema de un corte frontal de dos cerebros. El de la izquierda es un cerebro sano y el de la derecha uno que padece la enfermedad de Alzheimer. Русский: Изображение нормального мозга и мозга при болезни Альцгеймера (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It hurts me when we hear on the news that a nursing home abused an elderly woman. She worked all her life. Society strips her dignity and values.

It also hurts me when society casts aside retired people with less income than their employed counterparts. They can no longer work because of their age related health issues: Alzheimer's disease, strokes, etc. A friend of mine, 66 told me, " the anxiety of the unknown causes problems. When things happen, they happen. People stabbed me in the back out of jealousy until I turned 60."

I admire older people with the youthful personality. They are surrogate mothers I never had. I look up to them for advice on life. I can't do this though with every older person.

My grandma died at 74 from many strokes until her fatal stroke. Do genetics play a part? My mother's parents died in their 70's. My father's side still live in their 90's. Will I inherit that youthful gene too?

Advanced style is a refreshing blog about elderly people up in age who still have their dignity and style. As a child in the 70's, grandma wore polyester pants. I called them grandma pants. Grandma tried to get me to wear them. "You can wear these around the house", she said. I said, " No way. They look ugly."
I feel so proud of these women. They have their ailments but they let them run their lives. Good for them. Tears roll in my eyes.

When I hear about people who die in their 70's, I feel a bit disappointed, but they can't live to our expectations. Thinking about my mortality began 6 months after seeing someone die. It just so happened I saw my late father-in-law take his last breath. I thought the funeral was bad, but this is worse. Before the funeral, the mouth falls open in death.

While we still have them, let's celebrate these women for not letting society treat them in an unfavorable way. Let's celebrate them for not letting their illness take over their lives. there will come a time when we become aware of our own mortality. Let's keep our dignity and respect. When we reach their age, we want to achieve like they do.
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