Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little Known Ways I Can Simplify My Designs

Crochet Hat Women Hat - OMBRETTA Straw Hat, Womens Crochet Cloche Hat with Flower Natural Hemp - Crochet Womens Hat - Mad Hatter HatI would like to crochet some of these scallops (pictured) for my famous asymmetrical cloche hat. The LAUREN hat has zigzag scallops and the OMBRETTA has a crab Stich straight edging. I'd like to emphasize other edgings on the brim and flower.  That would work well because no matter what other twisted hat design I make people always fall back to the same asymmetrical cloche hat. I came across this on this Pinterest board.
There is block edging, rick rack, pointy, square, and asymmetrical edgings. They all look great with this particular hat, the number one seller of all time. To this day, I still don't know why. One customer likes the complex design. My other hats have the same complex designs of the Mobius twist, perhaps too advanced than the original mobius hat.  I should simplify like the LAUREN and OMBRETTA hat. I should create more variety on that particular style of hat. Perhaps it will become a big seller as long as I make it out of straw hat for the summer.

Pinterest Board - DIY Crochet Patterns and How To for Crafts Strawberry Couture
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