Friday, May 10, 2013

Do Something Like Follow Your Own Trend

English: a Mobius strip
English: a Mobius strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Mobius strip deformed to have a circu...
English: Mobius strip deformed to have a circular boundary. Made with Mathematica. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I never like to follow specific trends, but believe in creating my own. People might follow them.  I love Mobius strip.  I wear plain clothes and top it off with a fancy and functional accessory.  Exploring a style never tried before is the joy of creating.  Having an unusual name means having an unusual mindset.  I crochet different styles that create conversation pieces.  Everyone here has their own texture and mixture.  Blogs make a great medium to let you know how everyone is doing.  Set your own distinction and identity. Never compromise.  Flamboyant, classic, quirky, artistic, art deco, et cetera, styles draw us all together.
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