Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Announcing The Clairisse Beanie Hat with Asymmetrical Flip Top Visor Pattern and Other Thoughts to Share

moebius strip #1
moebius strip #1 (Photo credit: CARMENRUETER)
I uploaded my pattern for the Clairisse Beanie Hat with Asymmetrical Flip Top Visor. It took me awhile to get the pattern up and running. I constructed the Flip top like another Möbius design, not as fancy like the other previous hats. This and few of my latest patterns involve helpful tips of important points you never expected. Flip the visor up or down. The left bottom corner of the visor opens and extends to the top right side of the hat. This may sound like an advertisement but I'd like to talk about it from a personal point of view. I look forward to see your view there.

I have other rough drafts of Möbius hat patterns of different styles that crochets the same way. These hats, not your typical one-sided crochet hat made one way, but fun for you to see and enjoy. No one else makes them the way I do. Those of you who like to crochet new things, the skill level is advanced beginner. You can crochet a Möbius cloche hat, Möbius beanie hat, Möbius turban, Möbius wide headband, Möbius wide brim hat, etc. Some hats I mentioned are not yet available, but will release them soon.

I notice I became faster at writing patterns. I saved a rough draft from my hat orders from this past winter. Good thing I made a rough draft copy and saved it for the summer. This season I dedicate to write crochet patterns of my already made work. When enough income permits, I'd like to crochet new designs with new patterns at the same time.

Windows speech recognition software makes "typing" becomes easier and faster. I can't type as fast as I speak and think. I hope you like what I had to say today hopefully at least every day I'd like to come up with a new and interesting post straight from the heart, not just a one word sentence but insightful.

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