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Strawberry Couture - Whimsy - Have a Whimsical View on a Way of Life and How We See Things

Furniture arrangement - UTS Library
Furniture arrangement - UTS Library (Photo credit: Mal Booth)
FRP furniture
FRP furniture (Photo credit: flyskyfrp)
English: Woodbridge Meadow Whimsy The "Tr...
English: Woodbridge Meadow Whimsy The "Treepirates" have been inventive. This wooden sculpture is double-sided. The reverse is a stag. Behind the carving is the River Wey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A "whimsy" from a nautical-themed wo...
A "whimsy" from a nautical-themed wooden jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle by The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company Limited (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I love whimsical things such as furniture with character. For instance, straight-laced furniture stands straight up and down with a blank face. On the contrast, whimsical furniture for example can come to life. The desk winks at you, the bedroom dresser bows down to you, your refrigerator dances for you on its legs let alone run down the street. Whimsical means given to whimsy; capricious; odd; peculiar; playful; light-hearted or amusing. Whimsy is a quaint and fanciful idea. A whim. Playfully odd behavior. An impulsive, illogical or capricious character. Impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse. To fill with whimsies or whims; to make fantastic; to craze. Disney movies bring out the innocent in you; a time forgotten when harsh reality takes over.  However, there exists a figurative place in your mind. But if you don't have physical place, there is a figurative one in your mind of an innocent place and time. The feel of something defines itself by shapes and structures. Straight up and down the resembles serious. Curved resembles funny and entertaining. Ordinary becomes extraordinary for everyday life.
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Strawberry Couture - Mobius Crochet - Little Known Ways to Rethink Mobius Crochet

English: Mobius Strip 2
English: Mobius Strip 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I saw a video today about the hyperbolic crochet. It is a crochet piece influenced by mathematics. Hyperbolic crochet pieces do not lay flat as a whole. The video talked about so many aspects of it:  fashion, the environment, the sea creatures. The cause goes beyond the maker.  I would like to emphasize the Mobius strip. It involves math inspired fashion crochet. Fold a strip of paper. Tape the 2 ends together. It becomes a one sided or odd number surface.  Work it as a crochet or knit piece. I made a Mobius purse one time with a mobius strap. It held and curled around my neck in a unique way. I wore it crossed over my other shoulder. The strap could not hold the purse like a conventional purse.  It hung like it was part of my body. The purse felt like an outfit. It covered in such a way like the beauty of the Mobius. Twist it once or five times. Let's analyze the Mobius strip: a one sided or surface that half twists on the same side of the surface. The infinity source contributes to our everyday life. It's not only what we wear but how we are, who we are, and/or what we do. Infinity was there before our time. It will be there after our time. Life is infinity itself. When you wear your purse, wear your life.
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Strawberry Couture - Fonts Set the Tone to your Writing

Your font sets the tone to your writing. Use the Aerial font for serious writing or the art brush font for comical writing. For instance, you would not see an obituary in the art brush font. I would not take it seriously.

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