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Intimidating Crochet Patterns - I do not mean to offend - I want to share my expertise with the rest of the world

Pattern (Photo credit: digikuva)
It hurts me when people tell me my patterns intimidate them. Ironically, I used to think that certain people intimidated me because I thought they were smarter than me and they had more than me. Now the tables turned on me. I want to make complex things simple to understand. I like to add a new dimension on things like hats. Sometimes I think I know about something more than some.  As it turns out I intimidate them, but I don't intend to. My patterns intimidate people but I don't want that to happen. Accept a new challenge and think yourself smarter than you think you are. Grab a new lease on life and go places. Accept change. My videos will help you get a head start on my patterns especially the LAUREN and VIRGINIA hats. They among my others add a new twist on crochet. I offer ways to help make the pattern easy to understand. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. When I offer challenging patterns, I don't mean to offend anyone. I just want to share my expertise with the world.
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Where I Came From

English: Barbie Portrait
English: Barbie Portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Film poster for Crocodile Dundee - Copyright 1...
Film poster for Crocodile Dundee - Copyright 1986, Paramount Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Picture of Larry the Cable Guy
Picture of Larry the Cable Guy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you want to know where I came from, I didn't live the picket fence life. I had a rough childhood. I was an only child who did not like to play with baby dolls. I played with Barbie dolls who was an independent woman and could fetch for herself. She did not need anybody to cater to her. Barbie could be anybody she wanted. I often played by myself because I didn't have anybody to play with as a child. My imagination was all I had I had to make a happy life out of a sad one. I did my best to escape that sad life. I knew I did not want to live  like my mom nor anyone to stigmatize me because of her. It's hard being born into a disadvantaged life. It takes a special caliber for someone with a special "light" to show a special interest in you. When the visit was over though, I had to go back home to darkness.  I neither wanted to visit nor live in darkness.  I wanted to ride on the happy carpet or find that happy wave.  Everywhere around me I see characters. Crocodile Dundee and Larry the Cable Guy pushed their carts at the grocery store. One time my husband actually went up to the guy looked like him and told him that he looked like Larry the cable guy.  I felt embarrassed and quickly made my way to the produce section. My husband makes a happy exchange from the hard lif I had.
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Crochet Patterns - What should you do with your hands?

English: Photo showing how to pick up a droppe...
English: Photo showing how to pick up a dropped stitch when knitting. Step 5 shows the crochet hook being thrust through the loop made when the dropped stitch was pulled through the loop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What should you do with your hands?  Your hands have a lot to do with what you do. With busy hands, slow hands, fast hands, etc; I don't want my work to look like everybody else. Having an unusual name meant having an unusual outlook in life. I thought I would make sure crochet patterns would get people to decipher what I make. I make sure my patterns easy to understand.  I would like regular average people to crochet what I like to make. I like to make hard things easy. Shapes like the Möbius strip, circles, ovals, squares, triangles, rectangles, you name it inspire my work. My easy patterns have quick tips so it'll make you feel like you already know what to do. Grab your crochet hook and yarn. Textures make the work fun.  Accentuate a plain Jane outfit and top it off with a fancy hat. It doesn't look too garish nor plain. This eclectic look can dress up any plain dull outfitted any day on a sunny or rainy day.  Put on my hat and you already look dressed up. You don't have to look like your best on a bad hair day.  A lot of people say my hats look like hair. I don't know why. The Möbius twist has a unique flair for a hair shape like wigs for cancer patients. I would like to reach out to all audiences on my styles a bit not too straight laced because everyone deserves to smile.
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Crochet and Why People Turn To It

Favorites 23
Favorites 23 (Photo credit: Katrina Parks)
Mrs. Dennis Shimizu, photographed at Manzanar ...
Mrs. Dennis Shimizu, photographed at Manzanar internment camp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Image representing Etsy as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase
Crochet Hats by Strawberry Couture: Hello and welcome to my Etsy Strawberry Couture unique handmade crochet hat art and hat pattern shop for the sophisticated woman. These unusual eclectic crochet hats and hat patterns and wearable art are made just for you to crochet or wear:) Unique Crochet Hat Art & Patterns Sophisticated Woman

There is a hat for every head for women in crochet who like to stand out in the crowd. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hi. I look forward to make your next custom hat.

Hats united by shapes, twists, and color for the young and young at heart.
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Mad Hatter - I Think of a Mad Hatter As...

English: The Mad Hatter, illustration by John ...
English: The Mad Hatter, illustration by John Tenniel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An illustration of a character from a story; a...
An illustration of a character from a story; also, an illustration of illustrations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Mad Hatter as he was later depicted in The...
The Mad Hatter as he was later depicted in The New Batman Adventures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hat collection
Hat collection (Photo credit: lokarta)
When I think of a mad hatter hat I think of some whimsical character like a crazy bunny rabbit or a mad scientist smiling with buck teeth. The mad hatter hat has a cowboy shaped brim with a long straight crown that draws outwards with a flat top. I notice that mad hatter hats are displayed on Pinterest. They are fancy hats like elegant Kentucky Derby hats or the queen of England hats seen at the royal wedding. Why is that?
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Whimsical - I Practice My Writing Skills for My Shop

I am practicing my writing skills for my shop listing. What do you think? Whimsical characters with imagination are not for the straight-laced with reason. Cartoon characters dance mystically. The northern lights are one example. Green lights circle the black and bland sky. The awe and beauty of the unknown wanders like a door from the ordinary. Characters translate into warm and cozy things like my hats. They will take you to a place you want to go.
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Strawberry Couture - Advanced Style - My Audience is Older Women

How many of you feel this way? I notice my audience is older women in the 50+ age group. As a child, I was always surrounded by older people because my grandparents raised me. Whenever grandma and I went places and ran into an old friend of hers, she often asked, "Louise, is this your daughter?" "No", she replied. "This is my granddaughter but she makes me feel young." I often felt that connection with the older crowd. I seem to have a knack for making older people feel young, who already have a youthful spirit. My friends are older women. I often don't fare well with my age group because I wasn't with my own each group growing up. Sometimes I feel like I'm ahead of my time because of older people. They did things before I did and have more experience. They have a lot to teach me. Perhaps I have something to teach them. I appreciate those open to my style and way of thinking and doing things.
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