Friday, October 26, 2012

Etsy Hats - Strawberry Couture Hat Asymmetrical Crochet Cloche Hat in Aubergine by strawberrycouture

Strawberry Couture Hat Crochet Cloche Hat by strawberrycouture
Etsy Hats - This is one of my latest crochet Etsy hat listings. This aubergine hat was inspired by the slant of the Mobius strip.  The color is aubergine – a mixture of burgundy red and purple.  This color reminds me of burgundy wine. The edge of the brim has zigzags.  The flower also has zigzags.  The pointy leaf has the bumps to add character.

The top of the hat is flat.  You can wear at many ways.  By changing the angle you have a completely different look.  That is the beauty of the Mobius strip.

The yarn brand name used was I love this yarn.  It comes in many varieties of colors.

A wide angle zoom lens digital camera was used to capture exquisite detail.

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