Friday, October 12, 2012

Etsy Hats by Strawberry Couture - I improved the photo quality for you

Strawberry Couture Hat Crochet Cloche Hat by strawberrycouture 

Strawberry Couture Asymmetrical Cloche Hat in terra Cotta with Sungold Flower
 I improved the photo quality for you so you can see the finer details. In my Etsy shop, I have been slow changing over the pictures with my new Fujifilm camera. It proved to have the finest features you you can get a better viewing experience.

Etsy only allows 5 pictures. I took over 30 pictures. It is so much fun. You can view the extra pictures here. 
Keep posted and look in my shop for crystal clear photos with a small link next to it. Happy viewing!!!

  This hat is available to buy. Click Here!!!
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