Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Etsy Hats by Strawberry Couture - Infinity Ring Etsy - Haute Couture Crochet Infinity Ring Hat by strawberrycouture on Etsy

Haute Couture Hat Infinity Ring Crochet Hat by strawberrycouture

Many hats that you see of Borromean rings only have pictures of them. This hat takes it to the literal sense.  This hat is constructed of Borromean rings. They are simply three separate rings interlocked together.  In other words, there are two separate rings that are joined together by the third ring.

Take a good look.  How many of you had actually seen the hat like this?  Possibly never!

My job is to make things stylish but unusual.  What good am I if I am just a dime a dozen?  There are many untapped styles that need to be discovered.

I am inspired by mathematical shapes.  I am not a mathematician, though.  I dislike solving math equations.  If you give me a bunch of numbers, I will most likely not have anything to do with it.  However, I need pictures because I am a visual.

Majority of my work is exploring and discovering shapes and making wearable art with crochet.

I like the craft of crochet because it is portable and easy to manipulate and a maneuver.  So the next time you visit my Etsy shop, you will notice where my hats came from.  Pure imagination and inspiration from all around.

The Borromean Hat is available to buy. CLICK HERE!!!

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