Friday, August 17, 2012

Crochet Couture Gray Newsboy Hat Lace Spring by strawberrycouture

I improved this picture of the lace newsboy hat. I used a different technique as far as lace. It is a loose weave.

Crochet Hat Black Wool Beret with Flowers & by strawberrycouture

This picture deserved another and better photo. I love the macro options. it takes a super close up. It's made of I Love This Wool Yarn. You can find the details here -

Etsy Hats - Asymmetrical Terra Cotta Crochet Cloche Hat by strawberrycouture

Here is Mylene. She posed for my hats including this one.

Etsy Hats - Asymmetrical Crochet Toasted Almond Beanie by strawberrycouture

 Etsy Hats - Asymmetrical Terra Cotta Cloche Hat with Sungold Flower.
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