Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why It's So Great To Print Your Own Labels

I get to use my printer again. Our printer desktop had a virus had to take it to the shop. Got it fixed and now is back home. Printing your own labels is priceless and the most convenient. Don't have to worry to make it to the post office in time. Drop it in the bin 24/7.
I said this because I am still jumping up for joy!!! This is a handy option Paypal offers whenever you make a sale. With a printer, you have the option to do this. Take advantage of it! No more worrying about the post office hours or seeing your postal personnel with tired of seeing you all the time. Not sure when they are envying you because you have your online business and they have to be stuck there at their jobs. They do have a steady job on the other hand. Shhh they don't know that. Anyway you don't have to rush rush rush trying to finish your order. Your time is yours. Don't forget that!

Another advantage is that postage is cheaper online. Delivery confirmation costs $.20 compared to $.70 at the post office counter. You save gas and time in line. Invest in a post office scale. Mine measures up to 10 pounds.

Be sure to know the 13 ounce rule. Packages no more than 13 ounces can go in the post office bin. If there is a case the package weigs more than that, then you will have to go the PO counter. Paypal doesn't allow you the option to ship first class mail international, unfortunately. Except if it is priority or express international. A great tool to download is the shipping assisstant USPS website has to offer. You can print the label, but you will have to pay at the Post Office. OK so the post office personnel won't have to see THAT often. Download instructions are here.

Not only will you look professional, you will be professional.

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