Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashism - Together, we'll make the trains run on style!

Fashism - Together, we'll make the trains run on style!: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

This is a give fashion advice website where pubescent young teens give and receive blunt advice. Advice comment are as blunt as,"naw that sucks!" "heck no I wouldn't get my grandma to wear that!" Hmmm I posted lots of my hats to be critiqued. Heck at this stage these girls or boys care everything in the world what their friends think! As a 40 year old trying to crack into a preteen market, chances maybe not. My styles are considered "over the top", "extreme knitting". Do they think I am a teen too? Hmm I have not told them. So I "played it back" by using my true and harsh opinion. I rated this dress below.

I critiqued it looking like peacock feathers underneath clear ruffles. Where is the x-ray machine? Within 10 min I got a response from this person, "Haha you perhaps didn't see it correctly, they are peacock feathers printed on ruffles. Oh well but at least I got to do it.

At first I got offended by this website, but then I thought maybe these can be my most honest critics. I now laugh at these comments. My own age and above market mostly love my hats. If they don't they won't tell me my hats "suck" or maybe they just don't like them. heck I just laugh at them. I've seen hats more bizarre than this! Lady Gaga are you listening?

Some of my hats actually did get the approval. I was stunned! Finally I reached them!

Mature ladies out there, try not to take the harsh comments too seriously. You just might learn from them!!!
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