Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Etsy Shop Item Made It In The Treasury!

It's so nice when someone appreciates your hard work and time and fits into a nice theme. Each and everyone in this treasury lives in the sunny Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. The climate is great. Now, this is coming from someone who is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan; where the snow is so deep you have to literally march in the snow. Welcome to Texas the sunny state!
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The 1920's

The 1920's have always been my favorite fashion era, let alone my favorite vintage era. WWI had ended and the people were ready to celebrate in excess throughout the whole decade. Attitudes in morals changed too. Women now earned the right to vote, swore, developed new slang words which some are used today such as "Dame" and "Dolled Up". 1920's fashion was all about excess and freedom; sounds like the same standard today. In the previous decade, women wore restrictive corseted dresses and heavy hats. The 1920's would not hear this. Dress hems rose, dance moves were freeform without a care, and women bobbed their hair. The Charleston dance was popular.
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