Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here's What Happened Why The Move Didn't Work Out (To Be Continued)

A friend offered my husband and I free room and board on her property. She mentioned she needed a groundskeeper. My husband has plenty of useful skills. With rising prices, this was going to be a Godsend. We agreed on many things, how thing were. She asked, what do you expect from lining here son and so forth. We voiced everything and made everything known.

We had to move her stuff out of her second house while we moved our stuff in. We didn't mind. This lasted one week. By the time half of our stuff were moved in, all of a sudden, she barged in this morning changing everything we agreed to something else. We had a POW WOW. We told her this was not going to be like this and if it was, we were not going to tolerate it.

Don't think that just because there is free room and board, she could take advantage of us. We were dead tired. We worked NONSTOP! She still wanted her stuff moved out that very minute and wanted to work us like slaves. She KNEW my husband has a disability. We voiced it out what his limitations were.
David Koresh crossed my mind. Of course she denies it and twists the story around. BOO HOO!

We acted fast. We immediately grabbed our stuff. As fast as we moved in, we moved everything out in one day. Thankfully, our stuff was still packed. We went to the main house where we helped move her stuff in. She made us out to be the bad guys. In the meantime, she invited some friends over and had a pity party. BOO HOO!

I warn you folks anyone who offers you a deal like this. Don't DO IT! Fortunately our landlady willfully took us back and lowered out monthly rent. Everything is moved safe and sound back in our house.
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Learn NOT To Take Crap From ANYONE

Remember, they do not own you. Anyone who tells you, there is no hard feelings, Don't believe it! You are better off paying your own way. Free is NOT always the best thing in the world. There is a huge price tag. I'm not talking about money. I'm talking about your freedom; your LIFE; your DIGNITY. Anyone who tells you that they are your friend and then they move in on you to take your life away, they are NOT your friend.
I learned something today. I will never complain about high gas prices or any rising prices ever again. Free is NOT always the best thing.
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Not Moving After All...We're Moving Back Home

My husband and I are moving back into our old house. The new moving arrangement didn't work out. Don't worry things are still the same. My computer is still hooked up. It's a good thing I didn't move it out after all.

Warning To All:

Anytime someone tells you your can move in with free room and board.


All of a sudden they OWN you.

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