Monday, May 26, 2008

Yarn Samples In Dark Colors

I'm back with my dark color samples. These along with the bright color samples, I can quickly run to my craft stores and buy the yarn. The others, I will have to order and will take a little longer to complete; waiting for the yarn to arrive to my door, make the item, and then ship it. Any way, here they are: (in following order)

soft yellow, black, rubine red, hunter green, red, bone
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Different Yarns In Bright Colors

I'm so happy i got a hat request today from my shop
A lady from Finland asked me to make her a hat just like the "Hit On All Sixes Hat". She wants hers in black. I thought what a neat idea for me to post different colors for future reference. The first set of colors are bright colors. Hold on dark color lovers. I will post your colors too.

These colors are from
Caron Simply Soft yarn. I prefer to use this yarn because it feels very soft and the price for the yarn is very economic. So next time you visit you Wal Mart store, Hobby Lobby, or Michael's craft store, be sure to check it out. (Note: Hat pictured on left was crocheted and knitted using the color watermelon).

ivory white watermelon mango lemonade grape turquoise lime
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