Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Color Season You Are?

Doing my own photoshoot of one of my creations...
Doing my own photoshoot of one of my creations like
 this Lauren infinity cowl scarf in willow for a customer.
She ordered a matching Lauren cloche hat. I hope she likes them.
Visit my website and search cowl
scarf and/or (Photo credit: strawberrycouture)
This is a great way to determine your season colors once and for all. This is a quick and simple test. I've been a loyal spring for 10 years. this is WORTH the test. Come see for your self! Please visit:

Visit -
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Introducing One Happy Customer

A few weeks ago a lady named Anne asked me to construct a rose shaped hat for her. These pictures are shown 2 blogs ago. This was a lady I never seen before nor met. She lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Texas. Finally a few days ago I asked her to post some pictures of here wearing the hat. Finally here she is. Isn't she lovely?!

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