Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Creative Brain Got The Best Of Me

My creative brain got the best of me. Yes, it helps to be creative is fine. When your brain gets overly creative, it can be overwhelming. It's OK to rip apart that project over and over again until you're satisfied.

I just finished this rose hat you see on the left. Instead of putting the rose in the hat, the rose IS the hat. Neat, huh? This was a custom made hat I made for a lady I've never seen before. Bless her heart! She pursued me making this hat for the longest time. She finally mailed me the yarn of her choice. She asked me how many skeins it would take to make this hat. She then asked me to choose which selection she wanted. She then mailed me the yarn. i started right away. It took about 2 weeks to make the hat. You have to consider the varying yarn weight. I even sent her pictures in progress,"Should i make this longer or keep the length the way it is I illustrate to her. I finally mailed the hat with the extra yarn I had left over. Once she received it in the mail. She LOVED it. She thought it was "BEAUTIFUL!!!", she exclaimed

I live in Texas; she lives in Pennsylvania. Thanks to Etsy, of course. She simply liked a hat I recently sold
on Etsy; like the pink rose hat pictured on the left.

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