Sunday, May 4, 2008

Anatomy Of An Idea

Movie Theater
Movie Theater (Photo credit: roeyahram)
An idea is a form (such as a thought) formed by the consciousness (including mind) by the process of ideation. Human capability to contemplate ideas is associated with the ability of reasoning, self-reflection, and of the ability to acquire and apply intellect, intuition, inspiration, etc.. Further, ideas give rise to actual concepts, or mind generalisations, which are the basis for any kind of knowledge whether science or philosophy.

When is the best time your ideas surface to your brain; after you struggle to come up with a project for that deadline? My ideas often surface between asleep and awake. Awake represents conscienceness whereas asleep represents unconscienceness. There lies that fine line between the two. Remember: conscienceness objects whereas unconscienceness does not.

Here is an illustration: when you are awake, consciensce tells you, "Oh that was such a stupid idea!" The fine line at night tells you,"Go for it no matter what." You still go ahead and do it.

Take my hats for example. As I lay asleep at night, the ideas I struggle with often play to me like a movie where everything slowly and smoothly fall into place.

I often explain this to noncreative people. Their reactions are ofter blank stares wondering what planet I'm from. They can learn a thing or two. Take it from me besides looking elsewhere for that typical inspiration, the next place will come from you inner "movie theater" when you dream at night.
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